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sanatorium OXY Saryagash 4 *


Located in South Kazakhstan, in the resort area Saryagash 130 km from the city of Shymkent.

5-story building offers 60 rooms of "luxury", "deluxe", "junior", "Business Class" and simple rooms. All superior rooms renovation. All rooms also have plasma televisions with satellite television, telephone, refrigerator, full bathrooms, air conditioning, underfloor heating, safes, bathrobes and towels.

The building is equipped with a silent elevator in the lobby of each floor have plasma televisions with satellite television.

Four meals made in the restaurant. The sanatorium has a custom menu system, taking into account the purpose for diets. Kid's special menu, balanced by a set of vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc.

At your service: a summer bar, a gym, a playroom for children, a swimming pool, sauna, billiards room, namazhana, room for card games.

Sanatorium is equipped with modern medical equipment meeting the requirements of international standards, such as:

1) Shower chair (power shower, 3 peripheral soul: circular, upward, head).

2) Professional tub for hydromassage baths for medical treatments (mineral, pearl, hydro).

3) UV irradiator UGN-1.

4) Roll electrogalvanic 4-chamber.

5) The device for elektrosonoterapii ES-10.

6) The complex subsea horizontal traction with hydraulic lift and a «Baden-baden».

7) The unit of monitor intestinal cleansing.

8) The unit PHYSIOTHERM "M" for microwave therapy.

9) The unit PHYSIOTHERM "C" for shortwave therapy "UHF".

10) "PHYSIOMED-Expert" - an apparatus for electrotherapy (interference, high currents and low frequencies, the program for the diagnosis of neuromuscular conduction).

11) "Laz-Expert" - an apparatus for laser therapy.

12) "Yonoson expert" - a multifunctional device.

13) Dental complex, 12-channel electrocardiograph, computer digital elektroentsfanogrof.

14) Ultrasonic instrument Sanomed 325, for holding dopplerographic and ehoentsifrologicheskih studies of the nervous system.

15) ultrasound scanner Aloka SSD - 600c.

Medical Profile: KLA, OAM, biochemical tests, ultrasound, EGD, EKG, EEG, ECHO, colonoscopy, VEM, RSV test, a juice bar, dyubazh, gastric lavage, duodenal probing, gingival irrigation, micro enema fill, intestinal irrigation, mineral baths, underwater jet massage, circular douche, rising douche, power shower, underwater traction, galvanic bath, infrared cabin, vaginal irrigation, CMT, electrophoresis, diathermy, laser therapy, UHF, ultrasound, electric, wax, massage, medication, gynecological, urolologicheskie , dental treatment, neuropathological, cardiologist, massage, etc.

Beautician, androgen, dental treatment, massage, live blood analysis using a dark field.

Treatment methods:

Mineral baths, underwater massage sprays, circular douche, rising douche, electrophoresis, CMT, laser therapy, diathermy, electric, UHF, ultrozvuk, androgyne, four-chamber galvanic bath, vaginal irrigation, infrared cabin, paraffin - ozokeritotherapy, therapeutic cleansing enemas, potting , hardware intestinal irrigation (hydrotherapy), washing zheldka, duodenal intubation, UFO, inhalation, herbal medicine, massage.

Additional costs of procedure:

Antler baths, selenium baths, turpentine baths, fir baths, hydrogen sulfide baths, antler casting, underwater spine traction.

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