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sanatorium Saryagash


Located 127 km from Shymkent, in Kokterek.

Saryagash region

The history of the sanatorium "Saryagash" dates back to 1946, when the first geologists in exploratory drilling at a depth of 1400m opened a hot clear water, which turned out to be mineral.

In 1951, well above the famous number 1, which started all the glory and fame resort "Saryagash", built a pool and people come here to take bath procedures.

The unique feature of the resort and "Saryagash" is that the well № 13-86 and the number 7, which produces mineral water "Saryagash", located on the territory of the resort and is served in the pump room and balneolechebnitsy directly from the well through special pipes that allows you to save pristine taste, composition and therapeutic properties of the mineral water "Saryagash."

From the airport, Shymkent-145 km.

From st.Saryagash -25 km.

Year Built

1951. Reconstruction of buildings, is held annually

Types of rooms

Today LLP "Sanatorium Saryagash" the largest health center in Kazakhstan with an 8-bedroom buildings designed for 607 seats, and operates year-round without holidays. At the time the sanatorium has technically equipped medical facilities. In eight cases sleeping chambers are located at different levels of comfort:

The rooms

2-seater standard.

In the room: bed, wardrobe and a bathroom (sink, toilet) ..

4-seater standard.

It consists of 2 - Rooms: each room with 2 beds, shared WC, Cable TV, table, chairs, exit to the balcony.

Junior Suite 1 and 2 bed.

One-room. Amenities: Cable TV, refrigerator, table, chairs, upholstered furniture, a balcony, bathroom (sink, toilet, shower).

Luxury 1 and 2 bed.

2 rooms: bedroom and living room. cable TV, refrigerator air conditioning, desks, chairs, sofas, a balcony, a telephone with long-distance communication, bathroom (sink, toilet, tub). ROOM servicekruglosutochno.


3 meals a day. Diet. Operational diet number 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 15

by MI Pevsner


1. Gastro-intestinal tract (esophagitis, reflyuksezofagity, chronic gastritis, colitis, hemorrhoids, gastroduodenity, peptic ulcer disease in remission)

2. Biliary system (without chronic hepatitis activity of the process, hepatosis, cholangitis, cholecystitis, gallbladder dyskinesia, cholelithiasis without violating the patency of biliary tract, chronic pancreatitis)

3. Genito-urinary system (chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, non-acute, kidney stones without breaking the patency of the urinary tract, kidney abnormalities, post-renal surgery urinary tract)

4. Gynecological diseases (adnexitises)

5. Metabolic disorders (obesity)

6. Nervous system

7. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system

Types of Treatment:

Free procedures included in the price.

1. Drinking mineral water, mineral baths, whirlpool, underwater massage, circular douche, rising douche, power shower, washing the stomach, duodenal intubation, blind intubation (dyubazh), intestinal irrigation, irrigation gynecology, medical micro enemas, gingival irrigation, within the esophageal irrigation,

2. Physiotherapy: ozekeritovoe paraffin treatment, inhalation with herbs and oils, UV therapy, CMT therapy, therapy DDT, UHF, light therapy, electrophoresis, magnetic therapy, ultrasound, electric sleep

3. Surveys

ECG, laboratory tests (blood, urine, biochemical studies) -


cinema (with a large selection of movies);

gym, shaping, billiard, table tennis, a library,

dance floor, cosmetology and barber services, sports facilities, children's playground, the resort operates a mosque and several cafes, w / d office, mini-market.

Ultrasound, EGD, RRS AMOC-2 (the unit of monitor intestinal cleansing)

Laser - magnet therapy, acupuncture, Su-Jok therapy, mud therapy (imported mud lake "KOSKAK"), multifunctional bed massager «Caspi Dr.Q CM -300», massage your feet «MARUTAKA», antler baths, hand massage, dentistry , urology, gynecology, oxygen cocktail, herbal tea room.

Additional services

Organization of trips to the district center Saryagash, Shymkent, Turkestan.

transfer -15,000 tenge.


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