Schengen countries

Since 1995, seven European countries: Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, according to the agreement signed between them started to issue visas valid for travel in each of these countries, so-called "Schengen" visa. In 1997 they were joined by Italy and Greece, then Austria, and from March 25, 2001 five countries: Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden. December 21, 2007 to the list of countries joined Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Poland and Malta.

The company "Season Travel Kz" strongly recommends to apply for visas in advance!
Note: for a visa are accepted only in it's entirety, in accordance with the requirements specified by the Consulate of each country. Please note that the Consulate is not recommended to write tickets to obtain a visa, except in cases where the original tickets are required for the visa. Consular Department have the right to extend the review of the documents and change the cost of visas. Please note that late submission of documents and any deviations from the requirements of Consulates may lead to refusal of a visa. Reception of documents is carried out from 10:00 to 19:00 from Monday to Friday (except holidays): The documents are considered born after 19.00 the next day, preferably Term papers submitted in the first half of the day. Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents that may extend the visa and tourist call for an interview. For foreign nationals in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in addition to the above documents, you must provide a residence permit or a work permit on the territory of Kazakhstan.

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