Program for 3 days on the route
(Shymkent - Taraz - Sairam -  Shaulder - Turkestan - Tolebi district. - Shymkent)

First day

1. Meeting the group at the railway station in Shymkent.

2. Departure to the city of Taraz.


- Landmarks XI-XII centuries.

- Examination of the mausoleums "Bibi Aisha", "Babaji - hatum", "Karahan," Yunus Cali bath.

- Historical complex "Tekturmas."

3. Moving in Shymkent. Lunch.

4. Drive to v.Sairam.


- A museum of local history, "Sairam", Mar-tobe.

- The mausoleum "Ibrahim Ata" (father HAYassavi).

- The mausoleum "Karashash-ana" (mother HAYassavi)

- The medieval minaret.

5. Moving in Shymkent. Accommodation at the hotel.


2nd day

1. Breakfast.

2. Check out the area with a Otyrar. Shaulder.


- A historical museum "Otyrar."

- The mausoleum "Arystan women" (teacher and spiritual guide HAYassavi).

- The archaeological excavations of the ancient gorodishe Otyrar, (depending on weather).

3. Moving to the city of Turkestan.


- In the historical and architectural complex "Azret-Sultan."

- The mausoleum HAYassavi.

- Visit the ancient city of Turkestan, the Necropolis, a fragment of the fortress wall.

- The gate of the citadel, Hammam, underground mosque Hilvet.

4. Moving to the city of Shymkent.

5. Placing in the hotel.


3rd day

1. Breakfast.

2. Drive to Tolebi district.


- A holy place "Kamekalgan."

- Mount "Kazygurt."

3. Moving to the city of Shymkent.

4. Rest.

5. Farewell.



Ladies and gentlemen, Season Travel Kz organizes a trip to the South Kazakhstan region with visits to ancient cities such as Turkestan and Sairam, Sauran, Otrar and introduce you to the historical and architectural monuments of the Great Silk Road.

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