Organization of tours in South Kazakhstan

Travel company Season Travel Kz

  • Our company provides services to both Kazakh and foreign tourists in the South Kazakhstan region.

    We can offer you the following services:

    - Organization and conduct individual and group tours in South Kazakhstan in the cities of Taraz, Shymkent, Sairam, Shaulder, the settlement of ancient cities and Otyrar Sauran, Turkestan, Aksu Dzhabagly, etc.).

     - Attractions Tours: Landmarks XI-XII centuries, the mausoleums of "Bibi Aisha", "Babaji - hatum", "Karahan," Cali bath Yunus, a historical complex "Tekturmas" historical museum in Sairam, Mar-tobe, mausoleums "Ibrahim ata" (father HAYassavi) and "Karashash Ana" (mother HAYassavi), a medieval minaret, a holy place "Kemekalgan" mountain Kazygurt "Noah's ark" rock "Adam and Eve "stone statues of animals, magic stone" Dastarkhan "historical museum" Otyrar "mausoleum" Arystan women ", the excavation of the ancient Otyrar; complex HA Yassavi in Turkestan, the ancient settlement Sauran, the sacred well Ukash ata cave Ak Mosque and Domalak analysis, the nature and cave paintings Aksu Dzhabagly reserve. And this is only part of the mysterious, sacred and interesting places you can visit.

  • Invitation to foreigners (visa support);
  • Program of visiting cities and monuments of history and architecture of the Great Silk Road. Such as Turkestan, Otrar Arystan women, Sauran Sairam;
  • Treatment in sanatoria of Kazakhstan: "Oxy Saryagash", "Saryagash" "Jean mound", "Burabai", etc;
  • Registration of visas in: Czech Republic, Cuba, India, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Malta, Japan, Vietnam, Austria, South Africa, Egypt, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, China, Greece, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, Jordan, and others;
  • Shop - tours to China;
  • Apostel documents;
  • Consultation on the registration of foreign citizens and extension of visas;

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