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The Silk Road


The tour introduces the memorable places of southern Kazakhstan, through which the Middle Ages took great Silk Road. And also with the nature of the surrounding areas. Including reserve "Aksu Jabagly."



Day 1 - arrival in the city of Shymkent, hotel accommodation. Excursion to the museum and on the "Eastern" bazaar.

Day 2 - bus tour route: Shymkent - Ordabasy - Shaulder (Otyrar) - mausoleum Arystan women - floodplain of the Syr Darya.

Day 3 - Tour of the route: the Syr Darya River - the city of Turkestan - Fortress Sauran - reserve "tsitvarnaya wormwood." Moving to the village Jabagly.

Day 4 - Excursion to preserve "Aksu Jabagly" - tract Kishi Kaindy. Inspection of the waterfall. Horse excursion to the rock paintings of ancient people.

Day 5 - Excursion to the river Mashat, the underground river, to the ancient settlement Ispidzhab (Sairam) and Sharafkent.

Day 6 - a tour of the canyon of the Aksu River, the cave "stalactite", according to the ancient settlements.

Day 7 - a bus tour of the northern branch of the Silk Road. A visit to the ancient settlements, burial mounds, tombs, lake Kyzylkol.

Day 8 - a camel route from the lake to the tract Kyzylkol Akjar.

Visit our route, you will meet with the ruins of ancient cities and see the untouched nature reserves and sanctuaries, feel the hot breath of the desert and the cool mountain forests, breathe the fragrance of mountain flowers and drinketh pure water springs.

The tour introduces the ancient cities of the Great Silk Road: Sauran Turkestan (Iasi), Otrar, Ispidzhab (Sairam) Sharafkentom, Maylikentom, as well as historical and architectural monuments: the fortress Sauran, historical and architectural reserve Sultan Azret the mausoleum of Khoja Ahieta Yassavi mausoleums Arystan women, Ibrogim ata Karashash analysis. You will visit Saks and Turkic burial mounds, ancient settlement and burial grounds of Queen Tamaris and her husband, the "holy" places and springs, ancient art gallery on the rocks. Also, get acquainted with the nature of southern Kazakhstan, will visit all natural areas, from hot deserts to the eternal snows, colorful meadows and steppes, drinketh water from the crystal clear springs, inhale the heady air of juniper and birch forests, hear the songs of birds and the sound of waterfalls. Visit the grand canyons, caves go down into silence. Silk Road passed through the territory of the modern reserve "Aksu-Zhabagly" and sanctuaries "tsitvarnaya wormwood" and "Irsu-Daubaba."

On the territory of South Kazakhstan region in the Middle Ages, a large Silk Road had three branches: South - passing along the left bank of the river Syrdarya to the city of Samarkand, the northern - from settlement to settlement Kumkent Kaksumbe. Along the northern slopes of the Tau and the main thing - the fortress Sauran - Isvidzhab mound. To the north of Isvidzhaba path crossed the river Aksu on natural rock bridge, Mashatsky pass, Mashad with the river, then passed through the valley of Aris, a settlement Maylikent and Sharafkent, Shokpaysky or Zhabagly passes and led to the city of Taraz. To the south of Isvidzhaba, one of the southern branch led by the city of Shymkent and Kazygurt pass to the cities of Tashkent and Samarkand to Bukhara.

The proposed tour to the territory of South Kazakhstan region is mainly through the main branch - from the village to the castle Jabagly Sauran. Furthermore. You will visit the northern and southern branches.
Immerse yourself in the mists of time and become familiar with the original architecture of southern Kazakhstan.


Ladies and gentlemen, Season Travel Kz organizes a trip to the South Kazakhstan region with visits to ancient cities such as Turkestan and Sairam, Sauran, Otrar and introduce you to the historical and architectural monuments of the Great Silk Road.

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