Ancient Ispidzhab


"In Sairam countless holy places," says a popular rumor. We make the day trip to visit the landmarks of ancient Ispidzhab. The street Zheltoksan go on the road to the village Aksukent. The ancient name of it - Ispidzhab, Isfidzhab - "the city on the white river." The first settlement was founded in the V century, but there is evidence that it existed in the 1st century BC. era. Ancient Ispidzhab withstood the onslaught of the Huns, the numerous hordes of Genghis Khan. Amir Timur this city patronized. Historians say that in Sairam countless saints, as mausoleums, monuments were built over the graves of Islamic scholars, theologians, Sufis, known for their righteousness and charity.

What is this teaching is, which gave the world so many scholars and saints? Islam emerged in the Arabian peninsula in the 1st half of the century UN. The sacred book of his Al-Quran, Payghambar, which brought her to Allah Muhammad Sali Galey-salaam.

Islam rests on five pillars.

1. Doug Kalimat sounds in Arabic "La illa Allah's Rasul of Allah Muhammad Allah." "God is one and Muhammad is his prophet."

2. Devout Muslim has 5 times a day to pray.

3. Rich devout Muslim is obliged to 1/40 of their income (zyakkyat) give to the poor.

4. A devout Muslim is obliged in the month of Ramadan fasting.

5. A devout Muslim is obliged to perform the Hajj

to Mecca.

There are 15 principles that a Muslim is obliged to observe:

1. Wish for others what you wish for yourself;

2. To be the way you look, and look what you are;

3. Refers to the youngest - with love for the elderly - with respect;

4. To forgive, to be generous, do not look at the shortcomings of others;

5. Be able to restrain anger;

6. To be able to keep the word, keep agreements;

7. Stay in the right way;

8. Be trusted;

9. Shun pride and be humble;

10. Shun avarice, greed, and to be generous;

11. Be patient in all respects;

12. Always be fair;

13. Be careful to preserve the material and spiritual purity;

14. Be careful in preserving the health of Allah;

15. Spending free time in good deeds.

Immediately after the ascension of Sali - Allah Muhammad Galeysalam in Islam emerged two trends: the Shiites and Sunnis. The Muslims of Central Asia and Kazakhstan belong to the Sunni Hanafi persuasion.

Hanafi school of Islamic law has developed in the VIII century. Founder is Abu Hanifa. Hanafi lot about different tolerance for dissent and the extensive use of local pre-Islamic adat law.

Maliki. Maliki school of thought has its origin rannesrednevekovoi school of Imam Malik ibn Anas. This law school is extremely demanding to comply with the formalities and is focused on ancient texts.

Shafi. Shafi'i school was formed on the basis of religious and legal schools of Abu-Abdallah Ali Shafi and occupies an intermediate position between haniifitskim and Hanbali schools of thought.

Hanbalis. Hanbali legal school got its name from the Imam ibn Hanbal. This school is different pedantry, rejection of innovations, fanatical rigor to comply with ritual and formal side of proceedings. On the basis of the Hanbali wing folded axis Wahhabi movement, created a theocratic state - Emirate. Nejd, which later became the nucleus of the state association of Saudi Arabia.

The mausoleum of Ibrahim Ata. Ibrahim Ata - Ahmet Yassavi father, the famous theologian, scholar, poet and Sufi. A representative of the local Turkic-speaking population. Lived at the end of XI - XII in the early centuries in Sairam. National sacred territory. According to legend, the mausoleum was built in XIIIxv centuries. Several times destroyed. Reconstructed in the XIX century. Overall dimensions - 7 x 7 meters, height - 8.25 meters, with 2 of the portal.

Mausoleum Karashash Ana. Built in the middle of the XIX century. Overall dimensions - 7 x 6.5 meters, height - 9.3 meters. Type centric portal-dome of the mausoleum. According to legend, the mausoleum was erected over the grave of the mother of Khoja Ahmed Yassavi in place to destroy the old mausoleum. Real name Karashash Ana - Ayesha Khatun. She was the daughter of the famous Sheikh macaws and one of the most competent women of the era. Her worship tyurkooyazychnye peoples of the world. Her identifyed with the ideal of motherhood.

Mahmudhan-Ata Mausoleum. Built near the mausoleum of Ibrahim And that. Dimensions - 5x5 meters, height - 6.5 meters. Mahmudhan-Ata was the great grandfather of Sheikh Ahmed Yassavi bt hazretaAli child, a relative Paygampara Sali Allah Muhammad Galeysalam. Life Mahmudhan Ata came in the X century, the era of greatest prosperity of the region. Having reached the position of the noble saint, he is widely promoted among his contemporaries, the religion of Islam, expanded their understanding of the world, taught genteel life and culture.

Abd al-Aziz mausoleum-Bab. The mausoleum stands on the site unpreserved cultural construction of the XVI century. The current building dates from the middle of the XIX century. It is a type of traditional portalnookupolnoy built in the cult medieval architecture. Made of brick square, 3-dome. Dimensions - 11 x 6 m, height .. 10 meters. The mausoleum 3 rooms in the center - a place of worship on the sides - two tombs. Popularly known as Bab Balegerdan - "trouble outlet." He arrived in Sairam at the end of the VIII century, the standard-bearer of the Arabs in the squad.

Fighting for Islam, Abd al-Aziz Bab reached the pinnacle of holiness. Here there is an underground temple-chillyahana.

Mirali Bab Mausoleum. Located adjacent to the existing, newly constructed, a mosque in the western part of Sairam. Mirali Bab is buried with his father Malik Shah. They were scientists, devoted to Islam. There is a theory that the World Bab some time been a teacher of Khoja Ahmed Yassavi corresponded and exchanged books with great scholar Yusuf Hamadani. The prefix "Bab" is put in their names because they have invested a great contribution to the promotion of religion, Islam reached the heights of holiness. The mausoleum was built in XII-XV centuries. Due to inclement weather and natural repeated wars, he destroyed. The present mausoleum built in the XIX century. Dimensions - 6.4 x 9.8 meters, height - 9 meters. Here is an old cemetery. An architectural monument of national importance. Protected by the state.

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