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Tour "Desert of southern Kazakhstan»


Day 1 - Arrival in the city of Shymkent and hotel accommodation. Introduction to the guide. Visit the museum and southern markets.

Day 2 - bus trip to the city of Turkestan and Otrar. Familiarity with the historical monuments.

Day 3 - Transfer to the Syr Darya River. Accommodation. Understanding the life of the population. Preparations for the route.

 Day 4 - Excursion to the sands Izakuduk. Moving to the well Bozhbankuduk.

Day 5 - a tour of the mountains in the desert - Karaktau.

Day 6 - Excursion to the shifting sands Kyzylkumov.

Day 7 - Excursion to the sandy desert Kyzyl Kum. By the well Dorbaza.

Day 8 - Excursion to Chardarya reservoir.

Day 9 - Tour of clay desert Shardara.

Day 10 - a tour of the lake Kyzylkol.

Day 11 - horse trail around the lake. Familiarity with stony deserts and canyon "Chimera".

Day 12 - Excursion to the desert and river Shu in the desert Betpakdala.

Day 13 - Tour of the desert Muyunkum.
 Day 14 - Camel trek from Lake Kyzylkol Akjar to the tract.

Day 15 - Return of the lake, moving to the city of Shymkent.

The tour program is subject to change order of visiting tour facilities, due to bad weather conditions. The tour can be shortened on request.

The route introduces the clay, rocky and sandy deserts of southern Kazakhstan. You will be offered a variety of excursions to the desert on the cars, horses and camels. You get to know the flora and fauna of the various desert riparian forest vegetation and the Syr Darya River Valley Shu.
You will visit the desert mountains and lakes, will meet with endemic species of plants and various inhabitants of the desert.

Ladies and gentlemen, Season Travel Kz organizes a trip to the South Kazakhstan region with visits to ancient cities such as Turkestan and Sairam, Sauran, Otrar and introduce you to the historical and architectural monuments of the Great Silk Road.

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