Established over sixty years ago as a fundamentally new scientific institution unsustainable Aksu- Dzhabagly undergone several difficult stages of its formation and development. Unlike some other Aksu Dzhabagly lucky - for the entire period he never reorganized , have not changed their territory ( only increased ) and was not closed . The reason for this stability and growth lies primarily in the fact that most of the people they supervised or worked as a research staff, especially during unfavorable to the development of nature conservation in the country, were the true patriots of conservation , research and eco -trained competent people, correctly understand the goals and objectives of the reserve.

A striking example of a scientific dedication, honesty and integrity may serve as a first director of the reserve BP Funeral Feast , whose name is associated most difficult period in the history of the reserve - the time of its formation from 1926 to 1935 .

These were difficult years . Together with the country experiencing financial difficulties Reserve , experiencing a first acute shortage of transport.

On the difficulties of the time , BP Funeral feast later wrote as follows: ,,, In 1927, while visiting the city of Shymkent, I reported to the members of the Central Executive Committee . . . that the reserve transferred to know which agency in Kazakhstan and we at it, do not we have 8 months of salary, and all the guards in the area of 30 540 hectares of conduct on their own resources , and, I do not allow no shooting and no exploitation of the reserve. . .

By the end of 1931, only the heroic efforts saved the reserve observers from destruction. In 1931, I did not have quite the approved budget. We were stripped , lived literally from hand to mouth , working with almost no vehicles, and to feed two stray from the forces of overwork cripples horses with broken legs and mashed backs and two donkeys I had to constantly borrow small sums at his friends and ask

Had to withstand the onslaught of the big BP feasts , protecting the reserve of grazing and mowing , especially in the difficult years of drought . In a memorandum Syrdarya Gubernia Executive Committee of 20 June 1927 , he wrote that " even the partial use of the reserve, invasion of the rights and herds of cattle will radically change the whole nature- natural pattern natural- normal zakonoobraznosti , inflict colossal , no appreciable damage to science . . . We have to prove that the reserves, protection of nature and its resources - a vital task that the Aksu- Dzhabagly started a " long haul " that the case of scientific and public necessity. "

Good faith is the director of the reserve , the validity of his arguments convinced the employees of the bodies , and a hasty decision on cattle grazing in the reserve was canceled. take the most decisive measures against violators to protect the reserve, and those guilty of it to apply strict penalties , amounting to persons such materials and passing them on to the appropriate judicial authorities for criminal prosecution .''

But BP Funeral feast never reduced the aims and objectives of the reserve to the protection of the territory alone . Most fully set forth his views in response to the request of the tasks Glavnauka reserve. First - is the preservation of integrity of a characteristic corner of the nature of Talas Alatau as part of the Tien Shan , the second - the creation of favorable conditions for scientific research into the nature of the Western Tien - Shan , the third - scientific- technical solution major current problems of agriculture and industry south- eastern part of the Shymkent area. Of the three provisions stemmed the need of strict protection of the landscape reserve, its flora , fauna and mineral resources.

Much attention is also paid director streamline territory prirezkoj land , construction and maintenance of mountain trails , roads, river crossings . In the tract of Kishi Kaindy he chose surprisingly ideal location for the cabin , lodge , which was built under his direct involvement in 1930. More than half a century, there is this little hut , resisting the wind, rain, snow. Many scientists , tourists, members of expeditions , waiting for it in bad weather , think kindly of the first director . For years, this cozy one-room cabin was the only field base for all 75,000 acres of mountainous territory . It was only after half a century to Ulken Kaindy was built more modern and well-maintained field base for conducting scientific work.

BP Funeral feast was the only educated person in the reserve , the staff were only observers , whom he taught not only to protect nature , but also to make observations , diaries, which were observed information about the meetings with the animals , the state of the plant world , the weather and so on .

Special attention is paid by BP Funeral Feast scientific study of the nature reserve. During the ten years of his leadership Reserve has done very much - an inventory of vertebrates are classified major plant communities , the geological structure , systematically finds the Jurassic flora and fauna. Scientists from various cities of the country came to the reserve at the personal invitation of the Director for the organization of expeditions and research.

BP Funeral feast understood the need for a comprehensive study of a permanent nature reserve :, one time I even thought of a long-term plan for the detailed study of all vegetation , all vegetation communities and preserve the full description of its floristic - he wrote . - According to the latest views, from an environmental point of view , zoology is closely related to botany and vice versa , and the landscape is always logical . "

Therefore, it is so insistent introduction to the state of the reserve scientists. In the report for 1934 , he stressed: , Reserve - primarily research and production facility. Scientific work in it should occupy the first place. In order to preserve in some way satisfy its purpose, I believe that there should be at least two permanent research staff - a botanist and zoologist . And since 1926, I can not get to get at least one researcher. . . "

In 1935, the dream was fulfilled BP Trizna - the staff of the reserve unit was finally introduced researcher - botany . By this time the completed period of the Aksu- Dzhabagly , was strengthened its financial base , the reserve has entered a new stage - the strengthening and further development of systematic inpatient research .

Boris died Funeral feast in 1937. The best monument to this amazing man was his thing - Aksu- Dzhabagly . For many years remain a good memory of him people were grateful for the savings beauty of the mountainous region .

The authors of the text and the drafters A.Ivaschenko , A.Knistaustas .



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