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Tour. Season Travel Kz agency offers a unique opportunity to visit the world's largest space center - the first space port, see the launch facilities and visit the assembly building "Soyuz", "Proton", "Zenith", "Energiya-Buran".
Program site visits cosmodrome "Baikonur" will be drawn up under your specific order, which takes into account the date and time of arrival, number of days of stay, as well as the level of accommodation, food and the customer category (citizens of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, CIS, students and foreign nationals).



Baikonur (with penalty. Baikonur - fertile land). "Baikonur" cosmodrome - the first and the world's largest space center, situated on the territory of Kazakhstan, near the village of Tjuratam. Covers an area of 6,717 km ².

Is of great international importance. With the launch possible launching all types of launch vehicles. One of the three launch sites of the planet, along with the cosmodrome Cape Canaveral, USA and Jiuquan, China, designed to run vehicles with astronauts on board. The orbit of the ISS was chosen taking into account the breadth of Baikonur - to carry out his plan (and implement) the main runs.

Baikonur began building January 12, 1955, became the spaceport in 1957. In the 1970s and 80s was the largest cosmodrome, the Soviet Union. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s moved to Kazakhstan cosmodrome. Leased by Russia until 2050.

From the Baikonur Cosmodrome launched the first artificial Earth satellite and the first manned flight into space, launched manned spacecraft series "Vostok", "Voskhod", "Union" series of space stations "Salut", "Mir", the system is reusable "Energy "-" Buran ", interplanetary spacecraft, satellites.

Cosmodrome produces more than 50% of the annual number of Russian space launches, and on the total weight of the payload output - more than 80%, including 100% launches into geostationary orbit.

Russia in 2008, has carried out 27 launches from retaining a first in the world in the number of starts and surpassed its own record for the year 2007. The majority (19) of the 27 runs are made from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The United States in 2008 spent 14 launch vehicles, including four "shuttles". China launched 11 rockets into space, Europe - six. In other countries carried out three or less starts.
In 2007, Russia produced 26 runs, U.S. - 19, China - 10, the European Space Agency - 6, India - 3, Japan - 2.

objects Baikonur

Objects Roscosmos

1. Museum Baikonur "Sq. 2 "

2. The memorial houses SP The Queen and Y. Gagarin "Sq. 2 "

3. Orbiter "Buran", "pl. 2 "

4. SC "Gagarin's Start" "pl. 1 "(Launch Complex)

5. MIC "Soyuz", "pl. 254 '(assembly and testing)

6. MIC "Soyuz", "pl.112"

7. Transport installer of "Energia-Buran", "pl. 112 "

8. UKSS of "Energia-Buran", "pl. 250 "(Multipurpose stand-start)

9. SC "Proton", "pl. 200 "(Launch Complex)

10. MIC "Proton", "pl. 92A-50 '(assembly and testing)

11. SC "Soyuz", "pl. 31 "(Launch Complex)

12. MIC construction-40 "Sq. 32 "(assembly and testing)

13. Monument to the testers' Square. 41 "

14. SC "Zenit", "Square. 45 "(Launch Complex)

15. MIC "Zenit", "Square. 42 "(assembly and testing)

16. Report of the Chairman of the crew of astronauts State. Commission "Sq. 254 "

17. Observation start PH: - "Union" - NP 1, NP "Helicopter", NP "The Don" - "Proton" - NP 182 - "Zenith" - NP "Don".

City facilities

1. Museum of History of the Baikonur Cosmodrome

2. A bus tour of the city (monuments, parks, memorials, Gagarinskaya furniture, "0" square)

3. Hotel complex "Cosmonaut"

4. The International Space School (museum, rocket-modeling lessons, watching a movie, launch model rockets (private part))

5. The memorial complex "Korkyt-Ata" (architectural ensemble with an amphitheater, a museum, a room of 12 apostles and other objects)

6. Recreation ("Podlipky far", "Samara")


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