Tour. Agency SEASON TRAVEL KZ offers you "walk"

on the ridges of the western Tien Shan mountains and Karzhantau


The tour takes place on the ridges of the Western Tien-Shan mountains Karzhantau, Ugam ranges Ugam River.



Day 1 - Arrival in the village Jabagly. Introduction to the guide. Visit the museum and reserve cave "stalactite". Preparations for the route.

Day 2 - horseback tour in the tract Kishi Kaindy reserve "Aksu Jabagly."

Day 3 - bus trip to Mashad with canyons of the rivers and Aksu. Moving in the valley Sayramsu.

Day 4 - trekking in the valley Sayramsu. The hike to the top Sairam lake.

Day 5 - a walking tour to the glacier Shymkent.

Day 6 - Transfer to Burgulyukskoe gorge. A visit to the canyons of the river Ak-mosque.

7-9 days - trekking through the mountains Karzhantau, Susengerskuyu descent into the cave, the passage of the canyon Aygyrzhyrgansay.

10den - crossing the blue valley gorge Dongustau.

11den - moving out of the valley of the river Dongustau in the city of Shymkent.

The tour program may change the order of visits of excursion sites, due to bad weather conditions. Look forward to grand canyons Aksu River, Ak-mosque Aygyrzhyrgan, Burgulyuk, Kishi Kaindy Mashat, which formed the water, sometimes breaking through its channel under the rock, forming an underground river. Canyons hit the gloomy gorges and cliffs of thundering waterfalls, a variety of birds nesting in the canyons unique formations. Our route is laid in the picturesque valleys, along the swift mountain streams, bypassing the waterfalls, grasslands and steppes of the high mountains coniferous and deciduous forests, moraines and scree. You go up the scree and snowfields on silent mountain peaks, overcome insidious cracks glaciers and waterfalls, turbulent rapids of rivers. You will admire the reflection of the snow-capped mountains in the blue eyes of the mountains, hear the birds singing and the sound of waterfalls, admire the amazing lights and sunsets and listen to the silence in the underground palaces "stalactite" and "Susengenskoy" caves. Riding cross the dry rocky plateau tall Alpine mountains and blossoming steppe. You will visit the major high-altitude zones: semi-deserts, steppes and meadows, juniper and deciduous forests in the zone of perpetual snow. You will meet patchwork of colorful flowers next to the snowfields, see rare plants - are endemic, which is no longer anywhere on the planet.



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