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Tour "Mountain valleys of the rivers"


Journey introduces the most remote area of southern Kazakhstan, few people visiting - the valley of the rivers Maydantal and Aksu.


Day 1 - Arrival in the village Jabagly and accommodation in a family hotel. Walking tour in the valley Taldybulak.

Day 2 - bus excursion to the river Mashat. A walk through the canyon.

Day 3 - bus excursion to the river Koksai. A walk through the canyon and gorge.

Day 4 - hike to the village in the valley Jabagly Ulken Kaindy.

Day 5 - a horseback tour in the tract Kaskabulak.

Day 6 - horse transition from the gorge Ulken Kaindy the village Jabagly.

Day 7 - bus excursion to the river Aksu. Moving in the valley Sayramsu.

Day 8 - foot radial access to Sairam lakes.

Day 9 - hike to the river Sayramsu - Silbiyskie lake.

Day 10 - hike the upper reaches of the lake Silbiyskie Baldabrek

Day 11 - hike from the upper reaches of the river to the river Baldabrek Ayutor.

Day 12 - Day stay. Tour of the Valley.

Day 13 - River Ayutor - Karangitugay weather station (river Oygaing). Hike.

Day 14 - Transfer to the city of Shymkent.

The tour program may change the order of visits of excursion sites, due to bad weather conditions. This tour will introduce you to the almost untouched wilderness area - Maydantaliyskim Ugam peaks and ridges, valleys and rivers Aksu Maydantal, reserve "Aksu Jabagly," three of the most beautiful and grandiose canyons, flora and fauna of the region.

The scenery is spectacular and bizarre landscapes of the valleys of the rivers and Aksu Maydantal. The ancient river terraces and slopes are covered meadow and steppe vegetation. They go straight into the high rocky mountains, with powerful glaciers and snowfields. Rivers and streams turbulent cascades, foaming, speeding down the canyons and gorges, threw down thundering waterfalls. Snow-capped mountains reflected in the mirrored surface of the blue mountain lakes.

Fresh, clean air from the local forests of juniper and birch. Spend a few hours in the forest reserve of energy and health to you last long. You want to test yourself? Please, you will be offered to overcome the high mountain passes and rivers. Climb the rocky peaks higher than 4,200 meters, or go down into silence and darkness of the caves. To overcome the treacherous ice cracked and unreliable stone cliffs.

Healthy climate, crystal clear water, air, saturated with the aroma of herbs and flowers of this beautiful mountain corner will leave a lasting impression on the surprising corner of untouched nature. Let the envy of your friends and acquaintances, watching videos about this amazing mountainous region, and your heart rate increases, remembering what he saw.


Ladies and gentlemen, Season Travel Kz organizes a trip to the South Kazakhstan region with visits to ancient cities such as Turkestan and Sairam, Sauran, Otrar and introduce you to the historical and architectural monuments of the Great Silk Road.

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