Challenging puzzles Kemekalgan


We leave from the eastern part of Sairam Lenger on the highway. From Sultan rabad turn right along the old highway. Our way is to mount Kazgurt, to the complex "Gaysh Eren kyryk, tilten", which translated into the Russian language means "Huge unprecedented forty-rays" (curtains, Angels). In this title lies one of the mysteries of Kemekalgan and to it we'll be back. We drive through the arch of brick, symbolizing domestic small heavenly gates. Right to notice the layout of the vessel of Noah's ark. The guide accompanies us to the three-jet spring from the three diseases. Come to the blessed mulberry under which the girl Guldana the age of nine she met the owner of this place, and received from him the gift of a healer. (Now in this capacity, she works in a national center of Almaty in hand - rosary on his lips - Allah. Her sons have become great artists. Brushes her eldest son owns three portraits biys: Tole, Kazybek, Aiteke.) Next - meadow with stone sculptures of animals. Again, it worked great sculptor - Nature: a pair of elephants, a pair of camels, horse, tiger, vulture, anvil David. There is a stone statue, symbolizing the womb of the mother, through her missing children up to 13 years for the renewal of life. Next two rocks Adam and Eve - a sign of humanity, among them is a steep pathway, which is not overcome each. The guide, by one known to him, intuitive features, but misses some. He spends the rest through the "armpit of Adam" - the transition between the steep rocks, which contributes to the renewal of life for the better.

And finally, for a hung on a rock the boat find a flat rock - "shop desires", where you can put your car keys, pens, business notebook, business card, that is, any thing that is needed for the job. Things rested on a rock, filled with magical powers and are much longer and better. One guide told me in confidence that they are the servants of the complex, went to a cave where there is a stone door which can be opened with a spell. Perhaps in this cave are sitting in a state of somatic lemuroatlanty. Hence the name of - "Huge", "Invisible." Growth are up to 5-6 meters and can materialize and dematerialize, someone may appear and disappear. Therefore, it is a sacred place for the people of forty curtains hid from the eyes of militant atheism.

Ramazanova A.A.


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