Sagana and well - Ukash Ata

We leave the track Shymkent - Samara, at the fork to the left - the Kyzyl-Orda, right - Birlik Birlik going on, then at Karnak, Sert and is on a dirt road to the Ukash Sagan-Ata. This apartment complex is surrounded by a garden, there are rooms for worship, for a meal, a boutique with souvenirs and tin buckets. Take a group of a few buckets. In the Sagana read a memorial prayer, in places of worship - prayer. Size Sagan -27 meters. Ukash-Ata was a giant. When carried it chipped the body on a camel, the camel sat down, and the blood began to drip down and dripped to the well itself. Thus, the saga is completely covered his shed blood.

The question is: Ukash-Ata - what a legendary figure? According to legend, Ukash-Ata was a bodyguard Payghambar Sali Allah Muhammad Galeysalam. When Payghambar turned 61 years old, through the angel Gabriel told that all the revelations he had already given him to continue to live among his people, as the common man. Sali Galeysalam Allah Muhammad said, "O Allah, I have not been able to live as a mortal, take me with you!". Allah has graciously agreed. Paygampar, about to ascend, called his sorotnikov and asked, "Do all the debts I give?" Ukash came and said, 'You know, you hit me with a whip, and I did not give you a date. " Hissed at him: "How can you talk to himself a messenger of God." But Paygampar quietly walked over to him, lifted his shirt off your back. A Ukash Ata saw that the back of the Prophet broke three beams, it has incorporated these beams and says, "I took myself in thy beams, take me with you." At this Payghambar answers him: "You took rays and became immune to the sword and arrows. You'll go to a distant country to spread Islam, and when the time comes and pleasure from Allah, you will be with me. " Thus, Ukash-Ata was in the valley of the mountains Tau. He had many friends and a lot of envy. Enemies decided to kill him. They turned to his wife. She said that during the morning prayer, he falls into a trance, his body is vulnerable. Enemies crept up to him during his morning prayers and his body was cut into three pieces. Department heads and, as a living, rolled. The enemies chased her out of fear that it shall be to the body and revive Ukasha. At that time, the land disengaged, the head fell into the crack and the underground river beds came to Mecca - in the spring of Zamzam. Companions saw the head and buried with military honors at the feet of Sali - Allah Muhammad Galeysalam. Friends UkashAta led by Er-Goyang-Batyr buried his body in the 20 kilometers from Turkestan and erected a 27-meter Sagan.

The famous well is located 1.5 km from Sagan. Actually, it is not well, and the gap over which the frame is made and built a room in a yurt. Here sits a minister with a rope to the bucket. After reading the verses of pilgrims descend special tin pail. The depth of the well about 35 meters. It is believed that water is given to those who were able to purify the spiritual, filled with love itself and has pure thoughts. Water is used as a saint for medicinal purposes.

Back in Turkestan, relax, give yourself up, execute regular prayers at the mosque "Ush Aris", accept the meal. The next morning we go to Shymkent.

Ramazanova A.A.


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