General information about the region


South Kazakhstan Region is the southernmost region of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It provides almost all the natural areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan, from hot deserts to the eternal snows of the mountains. In the area there are 4 types of deserts and semi-deserts, several species of the steppes, savannahs, grasslands and alpine meadows, coniferous, deciduous and Haloxylon forest.


The climate is continental. The area is dry and hot summers (average summer temperature of 31 +, the highest + 49), cold winter (the lowest temperature - 38, the average - 1.5). The average annual temperature is + 12. The hottest month - July (average temperature of + 32), the coldest month - January (average temperature of - 2.7). On average, 320 days of sunshine. The average annual rainfall 360 mm. Maximum rainfall (70%) falls in spring and winter. The wettest month - April is the driest - August. The prevailing winds - the north-east and west, often quite strong.


The relief of the area is mostly flat. North of the region is elevated plateau "Betpak Dala" occupied by stony deserts and semi-deserts. To the south - desert plains Muyunkum. From the north-east to north-west stretch ancient mountains Tau (the maximum height of 2,176 m, the mountain - Bessars), the spurs of the Western Tien-Shan. South and South-Eastern part of the area is covered by mountains of Western Tien Shan, consisting of several parallel ridges (the highest point - 4328 m above sea level). Western and south-western part of the area is occupied by plains and deserts of Kyzyl Kum Izakuduk Shardara.


The region takes a powerful and abundant river feeds Darya with large inflows of Aris and Keles. In the sands of the desert Muyunkum lost big rivers Shu and Sarisu. In addition there are more than 4 dozen small rivers, mainly in mountainous areas. Until recently, the area was approximately 1,500 lakes and several reservoirs. The largest reservoir - Shardara and Bugun. The largest lake Akzhaykynkol - 42.2 km2, which often dries up. The deepest lake is located in the mountains is the origin of the landslide and the depth of 26 m in the area there are several waterfalls, the highest - 70 m, the water only in the spring time. The most beautiful multi-step waterfall (height 28 m) is located on the territory of the oldest nature reserve in Kazakhstan and Central Asia - Aksu-Zhabagly.


The main city of South Kazakhstan Shymkent. The region has such ancient cities as Turkestan, Otrar Sauran, Sairam and many attractions mausoleum HAYassavi, Arystan bab, Domalak analysis, Kamekalgan, Mount Kazygurt and more.

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