Тур в Сауран

Southern Kazakhstan, the ancient city Sauran.


sauran13On the border of two regions - the South Kazakhstan and Kyzylorda on a level steppe plateau majestically walls Sauran - one of the most mysterious ancient cities of Kazakhstan. Since ancient times, Turkestan and Sauran were the largest economic, trade and cultural centers of southern Kazakhstan. They always competed among themselves, occasionally subjecting one another. In some periods Sauran called Turkestan. In the next period are included in the category of Turkestan Sauran suburbs. Scientists believe that Sauran existed at least since IX century - at least this period date from the most ancient cultural layers uncovered. Perhaps there were more early settlements, but in order to find them, you need to conduct full-scale archaeological excavations. In the XIII century Sauran is the largest city on the territory of Kazakhstan. The discovery by Europeans of sea routes to India and China did not profitable long and not always safe overland Silk Road. Time of Discovery turned into economic bankruptcy and, as a consequence, the sunset for many Asian cities. Most likely, the reason why the Sauran started to fall into disrepair - vanished caravans, artisans flocked to other centers, and then left the rest of the townspeople. Historians can not say exactly when the neighboring Otyrar left the last forty - fifty families (end of XVIII century). As for Sauran, it is known that at the beginning of the XIX century here, and among the ruins of the ruins, there was only one occupant - old mullah. The ruins of the ancient city of more evidence - our ancestors were highly skilled planners. Ancient Sauran, as well as Turkestan, Kazakhstan has a unique system for water supply - with the help of underground tunnels, called kerizov. In Asian cities like water pipes were quite common. However, in Kazakhstan kirizy partially preserved only Sauran and Turkestan. And in Saurane length of the underground water is 120 miles away!

Not surprisingly, since the water in the town was supplied with the foothills of the Karatau Mountains. Was a titanic work on arrangement kirizov. At first, from the mountains to the city every 5-7 meters vertical wells were dug. Then, strictly maintaining the level of tilt and horizons between wells underground tunnel dug impressive. In some places, such artificial cave reaches a width of three or four meters in height. Until now, these places are persistent legend that once out of Turkestan were dug underground tunnels up to Sairam, with such thorough, that it could not even pass a rider on a horse. Of course, the main purpose was to supply kerizov of water that gravity was a tunnel sort of an underground river from the most mountainous sources. But it is possible that the rangers kerizov (tunnels require constant maintenance and care) could well perform more specific functions and scouts and spies. In the XIV century for unknown reasons, historians residents Sauran left former settlement and built a new city. It is located literally next door at the old Sauran - three kilometers north. The ancient written sources do not report the reasons for the "relocation".
sauran12Sauran movement remains a mystery to historians and archaeologists, which probably will never be able to solve. It should be noted that in ancient times was widely known and enjoyed great popularity pottery made in the city of Central Asia, and in particular the south of Kazakhstan. Not far behind in the skills and master of clay Affairs Sauran. It is noteworthy that in Saurane archaeologists discovered perhaps the world's first ceramic toilet ...!


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