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Tour "The variety of fauna"


Journey introduces the flora and fauna of southern Kazakhstan, Western Tien-Shan Nature Reserve "Aksu-Jabagly."


Day 1 - arrival in the city of Shymkent, hotel accommodation. Introduction to the guide. Excursion to the museum.

Day 2 - a tour of the river Syr Darya and the Kyzyl Kum.

Day 3 - Chushkakolskie excursion to the lake and the city of Turkestan. Reserve "tsitvarnaya wormwood." Moving to the village Jabagly.

Day 4 - the museum. Walking tour in Taldybulak.

Day 5 - Excursion to the valley Kokbulak.

Day 6 - Excursion to the valley Berkara, Lake Biylikol.

Day 7 - a tour of the reservoir ters, canyon Koksai.

Day 8 - Excursion to the river Mashat, the underground river. Preparations for the route.

Day 9 - Horse Trail from the village in the valley Jabagly Ulken Kaindy.

Day 10 - horse trail to the river Kishi Kaindy.

Day 11 - horse trail to the pass in the valley Zhusaly

Day 12 - Horse Trail Lake Aynakol, glacier Jabagly.

Day 13 - Horse Trail to Mount Kaskatau.

Day 14 - horse trail to the village Jabagly. A visit to the cave, "stalactite".

Day 15 - a bus tour of the canyon of the river Aksu.

The tour program may change the order of visits of excursion sites, due to bad weather or other reasons. Rich and diverse nature of South Kazakhstan, the high mountains are combined with plains. All natural areas are represented here, from hot deserts to the waist of the eternal snows and glaciers. The network of protected areas, led to a nature reserve "Aksu Jabagly", a variety of habitats for animals, causes a wealth of fauna. The presence of large bodies of water: the Syr Darya and Aris, Lake Biylikol, Chushkakolskie lake, "Stone Lake", the mountain and the flood plain lakes, reservoirs causes a large number of waterfowl and wading birds that spend the winter here and in part. Through the South Kazakhstan are the way the autumn and spring migration of birds and bird banding Shokpakskom hospital can meet the birds that nest there and then. Rich fauna of the region, in a nature reserve inhabited by 42 species of mammals, 249 species of birds, 9 species of reptiles, 2 species of amphibians and fish, more than 5,000 species of insects.

But the richest fauna in the heart of the reserve, "Aksu Jabagly" - tract Jabagly. Directly to the research cabin on solonets theca come - Siberian ibex. In the shade of the juniper forests hiding wild pigs with broods striped piglets heard angry "barking" deer, gray shadow glide across the red wolf - fox, marten and weasel proshmygnet. On mountain tugais beauty deer roam. Well, all traces of the bear - overturned stones, destroyed nests, burrows dug woodchucks or badgers, bitten the top of umbrella plants, broken branches on apple. On the trails and roads are visible footprints and droppings. In the dense grasses of mountain meadows and steppes easier to walk on the paths trodden bearish. Often, on the slopes of the mountains, you can see the owner of the reserve, but it is close to not let myself. How not to keep away and mountain turkey - ular, but hovering near the alpine chough and jackdaws, but running around in the snow finches, flitting from rock to rock, handsome - lentils, goldfinches, linnets and dunnock and climbs over rocks red-winged stenolaz.

And even more birds in the juniper forests. Sharp cries could be heard blackbirds, wood pigeons and doves coo, flitting warblers, flycatchers, inspects the trees and bird woodpecker, and in clearings, on the tops of bushes, sitting bile oatmeal, Corn Bunting, battle-axes. On the branches of two thousand juniper luschit shishkoyagody powerful beak - grosbeak. High in the mountains roam herds of several dozen goals ibex - fuel and energy sector, and their "herding" beautiful predator - Snow Leopard.
Of the leopard hardly manage to meet, but perhaps see traces in the snow or thawed.


Ladies and gentlemen, Season Travel Kz organizes a trip to the South Kazakhstan region with visits to ancient cities such as Turkestan and Sairam, Sauran, Otrar and introduce you to the historical and architectural monuments of the Great Silk Road.

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