One day in Southern Kazakhstan





Kazakhstan is a country with a rich historical and cultural past. Located in the center of Eurasia, Kazakhstan was at the crossroads of the world's oldest civilizations, at the intersection of transport arteries, social and economic, cultural and ideological links between East and West, South and North, between Europe and Asia, among the largest state entities of the Eurasian continent. At different stages of history, states with an original cultural history emerged and developed on the territory of Kazakhstan, the heir of which was modern Kazakhstan.

Day 1 Shymkent - Sairam - Otrar - Turkestan - Shymkent (450 km)

Meeting of the group at the railway station (airport) of Shymkent. Moving in with. Sairam. Excursions: - Museum of Local History "Sayram", Mar-tobe; The mausoleum "Ibrahim-ata" (father H.A. Yassavi); Mausoleum "Karashash-ana" (mother of H.A. Yassavi); - medieval minaret. Moving to the Otrar area with. Schaulder. Excursions: - Historical and Local History Museum "Otyrar"; mausoleum "Arystan Bab" (teacher and spiritual instructor H.A. Yassavi); Archaeological excavations ancient settlement of ancient Otrar; Transfer to the city of Turkestan. Dinner. Excursions: - historical and architectural complex "Azret-sultan"; The mausoleum of Kh.A. Yassavi; Visiting the ancient settlement of Turkestan, necropolis, a fragment of the fortress wall; A citadel with a gate, an eastern bath, and the underground mosque of Hilvet. Transfer to Shymkent. Seeing the group.

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Turkestan (Yassy) Was known as the spiritual and political center of the Turkic-speaking people and was the capital of the Kazakh Khanate. Turkestan is 1,500 years old. Pilgrims say: three trips to Turkestan equals a small hajj to Mecca. Here on the border of the XIV-XV centuries. At the request of the Emir Timur, known in history as Tamerlane, was installed a huge mausoleum on the grave of the holy Sufi Sheikh Hodja Ahmed Yassawi, an outstanding poet and humanist of Central Asia, the spiritual leader of the Turks, also called Khazret (Azret) -sultan.


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