Three days of the history of South Kazakhstan

Тhe tour introduces the memorable places of Southern Kazakhstan, through which in the Middle Ages the Great Silk Road passed. And also with historical sights and holy places of the southern region of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Program on the route.

(Shymkent - Tolebi region - Sayram - Taraz - Arystan Bab - Otrar - Turkestan - Shymkent)

for 3 days



Day 1 Shymkent - Tolebi district - Shymkent (160 km)

Meeting group at the airport or railway station in Shymkent. Dinner. Moving in with. Sairam. Excursions: Mar-tobe; Mausoleum "Ibrahim-ata" (the grave of the father Kh.A. Yassavi); the mausoleum "Karashash-ana" (the grave of the mother Kh.A. Yassavi); Medieval minaret. Departure to Tolebi borough. Excursions: the holy place "Kemekalgan", the mountain of Kazygurt, "Noah's Ark", cleansing from the sins rock "Adam and Eve", three healing springs, stone statues of animals, a charge of energy near the magic stone "Dastarkhan". Transfer to Shymkent. Dinner. Accommodation in hotel Dostyk.

 adam eva  noev kovcheg  karashash ana


Day 2 Shymkent - Taraz - Akyrtas - Shymkent (460 km)

Breakfast. Departure to Taraz. Excursions: Architectural monuments of the 11th-12th centuries; inspection of mausoleums; "Aisha Bibi", "Babaji - Khatum", "Karahana", baths of Kali Yunus; historical complex "Tekturmas". Dinner. Transfer to Zhambyl region. Excursions: the palace complex Akyrtas VIII-IX centuries, a monument of history and culture of national importance. Transfer to Shymkent. Dinner.


aisha bibi Akyrtas karahana

Day 3 Shymkent - Otrar - Turkistan - Shymkent (460 km)

Breakfast. Moving to the Otrar area with. Schaulder. Excursions: Museum of History and Local History "Otyrar"; mausoleum "Arystan Bab" (the grave of the teacher and spiritual instructor Kh.A. Yassavi); archaeological excavations of the ancient settlement of Otrar; Transfer to Turkestan. Dinner. Excursions: historical and architectural complex "Azret-sultan"; the mausoleum of Kh.A. Yassavi; visiting the ancient settlement of Turkestan, the necropolis, a fragment of the fortress wall; a citadel with a gate, an eastern bath, and an underground mosque named Hylvet. Transfer to Shymkent. Dinner. Seeing the group.


H.A.Yassawi2 arystan bab1 otrar4



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Tour introduces the ancient cities along the Silk Road: Sauran, Turkestan (Iasi) Otrar, Ispijab (Sairam) Sharafkentom, Maylikentom, as well as historical and architectural monuments: strength Sauran, historical and architectural reserve Sultan Azret mausoleum Khoja Ahieta Yassavi Mausoleums Arystan Bab, Ibrahim Ata, Karashash ana. You will visit the Saka and Türkic mounds, ancient fortifications.

On the territory of the South Kazakhstan region in the Middle Ages, the Great Silk Road had three branches: the southern one - passing along the left bank of the Sirdarya River to the city of Samarkand; Northern - from the ancient settlement of Kumkent to the town of Kassumba. Along the northern slopes of the Karatau mountains and most importantly - the fortress of Sauran - the site of Isvidjab. To the north of Isvidzhaba path crosses the river Aksu on natural stone bridge, Mashatsky pass Mashat river, then passed through the valley of the river Arys through settlement Maylikent and Sharafkent, Shokpaysky or Zhabagly passes and led to Taraz city. To the south of Isvidzhab, one of the southern branches led through the city of Shymkent and the Kazygurt Pass to the cities of Tashkent and Samarkand to Bukhara.

The proposed tour to the territory of the South-Kazakhstan region mainly passes along the main branch - from the village of Zhabagly to the fortress of Sauran. Besides. You will visit the northern and southern branches. Plunge into the depths of the centuries and get acquainted with the original architecture of the south of Kazakhstan.

Ladies and gentlemen of the travel agency "Season Travel Kz" organizes for you a trip through the South-Kazakhstan region with a visit to ancient cities such as Turkestan, Sairam, Sauran, Otrar and will acquaint you with the monuments of the history and architecture of the Great Silk Road.



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